The Art Collection at CordeValle

Works of Art as Inspiring as Our Surroundings

The Art Collection at CordeValle has always been a focal point of the property, providing a source of inspiration and a sense of place. The common theme of this collection is the Celebration of Life: Spirituality, as depicted symbolically in the sacred traditions of the Tewa-Hopi tribe in Dan Namingha’s works; the profound Joy of Relationship celebrated in the John Kennedy bronze sculptures; Vibrancy of Life as captured on a city street in William Clutz’s oil paintings and expressed as an emotion in John Ferren’s works; and Reflections of the H. Joe Waldrum’s paintings of New Mexican moradas.

As you view the art, our hope is that you experience as much pleasure in the process as we do.

“Through a process of fragmentation and assembly, I visually condense my subject matter to convey the greatest artistry with minimal elements.”

– Dan Namingha

“Constantly reviewing his artistic vocabulary, he never relied on a style long enough to become stereotyped, a restiveness emerging from his commitment to intuition and spontaneity as a source of knowledge. That intuition, along with Ferren’s considerable aesthetic sophistication, produced extraordinarily beautiful innovations.”

– Craig Bailey, Ferren: A Retrospective

“My best methods have always come about because of the accommodations I’ve made with problems; my accidents have unremittingly pointed me to concepts I might never have considered. I am grateful to each and every one of them.”

– H. Joe Waldrum