CordeValle hosted the PGA Cup in 2011 and will serve again as host site in 2015.

2011 PGA Cup

The 2011 PGA Cup assembled the finest PGA Golf Professionals from the United States to play against their counterparts from Great Britain & Ireland. Each ten-member team competed for the illustrious Llandudno International Golf Trophy.

The United States Team was victorious by a winning margin of 17 ½ – 8 ½. The victory improved the overall U.S. record to an incredible 17-5-3 and kept its perfect record on home soil intact. CordeValle was the second site on the West Coast to host a PGA Cup following the competition held in 1977 in Palm Springs, California.

United States Team

Jim Remy (Captain), David Hutsell, Danny Balin, Faber Jamerson, Scott Erdmann, Sonny Skinner, Rob McClellan, Mark Sheftic, Mike Small, Brad Lardon and Marty Jertson

Great Britain & Ireland Team

Russell Weir (Captain), Gary Brown, Craig Goodfellow, David Mortimer, Stuart Little, Christopher Gill, David Shacklady, Mathew Morris, Robert Giles, John Wells and Simon Edwards

PGA Cup Tournament History

The PGA Cup was originated in 1973 at Pinehurst (N.C.) Resort, as an outgrowth of the PGA Professional National Championship. Structured after the format of the Ryder Cup, the PGA Cup features top playing PGA Professionals from the United States and Great Britain and Ireland. The competition was held annually until 1984, when both countries agreed to hold this event biennially at alternating sites.