Sense of Well Being

Massage Your Cares Away at CordeValle

Guided by healing traditions from around the world, our therapists at Sense® spa use an array of massage techniques to restore the mind-body-spirit connection at CordeValle.

CordeValle Classic Massage
Enjoy a traditional Swedish-style massage to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. Your therapist customizes your massage to treat what ails you, using gentle to firm pressure to meet your individual needs. A nurturing touch is at the heart of this massage. Recommended whenever you need to pause and leave the outside world behind. 1 hour/1.5 hours/2 hours. $155/$215/$275.

Therapeutic Massage
Great for weekend warriors and seasoned athletes alike! This massage is designed to address the specific muscular aches and pains that are commonly found with overuse, as well as postural and mental stresses. Therapists adapt their techniques and utilize specialized ointments to provide relief from chronic tension and to ease your body into relaxation. 1 hour/1.5 hours/2 hours. $155/$215/$275.

A great choice for the seasoned spa goer who wants to experience different massage modalities to achieve desired results. Your therapist brings a variety of bodywork methods and techniques to address your concerns. Modalities may include: acupressure, energy work, application of heat and cold, stretching and reflexology. 1 hour/1.5 hours/2 hours. $160/$220/$280.

Valley Stone Massage
Your therapist massages with smooth, warmed basalt stones combined with nourishing oils to penetrate muscles and help release tension. Cool stones may be utilized to relieve inflammation if needed. 1.5 hours. $220.

Aromatherapy Massage
Allow your olfactory senses to choose from a selection of essential oil blends, trusting that your nose knows what your body needs in this moment. This massage incorporates soothing Swedish-style massage techniques and healing essential oil blends that integrate the very essence of plants into a massage—sure to delight all the senses. 1 hour/1.5 hours/2 hours. $160/$220/$280.

Like fine wine, spa treatments can be enhanced with just the right pairing. We suggest the following enhancements and add-ons to compliment your massage: warm oil scalp treatment, head to toe, roots to tips, smoothing foot scrub, and dry brush treatment. All of our massages with the exception of Valley Stone Massage can be offered in our Duet Suite so you can enjoy the experience side by side. Please inquire for availability.